Signing with more than one secret key available

Charly Avital
Mon Jul 29 16:35:01 2002

At 8:24 AM -0500 7/29/02, wrote:
>If I use a different keypair for each recipient, how can I have the
>appropriate secret key used *automatically* in order to sign the message?
>Shouldn't the secret key include an (optional) email string for
>"recipient" as well, not just my own address? So that the correct key
>could be chosen automatically when using e.g. Enigmail/Mozilla.
>Or is it simply silly to use different keypairs?

You do not use, for encryption to each recipient, a different keypair, but
only a public key pertaining to each recipient.

Your secret key that you use to sign messages:
- it can be set by yourself with the option --default-key [name], where
name is the default user ID for signature.
- if this option is not used, the default user ID is the first user ID
found in your secret keyring.

You can find more explanations by typing man gpg in the Terminal, and
perusing the relevant entries.

Hope this helps.