Signing with more than one secret key available

Todd Todd <>
Mon Jul 29 20:57:02 2002

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> If I use a different keypair for each recipient, how can I have the
> appropriate secret key used *automatically* in order to sign the message?

IMHO, this is something that should be handled by your mail program.

When I used Eudora with the NAI PGP plugin, there was a drop down where you
could select the private key you wanted to use to sign the message.

I now use Mutt where you can use the 'pgp_sign_as' setting to specify which
key to use for signing.  This can be changed using a 'send-hook' for
different recipients.

I haven't used Enigmail/Mozilla for anything other than simple testing so I
don't know if there is any way to do something similar with it (I assume
there isn't or you probably wouldn't be asking :).  If not, perhaps it's a
feature request you might make to the enigmail developers.

> is it simply silly to use different keypairs?

That's your call.  It's definitely more work to keep things straight, so I'd
only do this if I had some very good reason to do so.  It's probably best to
only use different keypairs for different _groups_ of recipients, instead of
for each _individual_ recipient.  You might have a work key and a personal
key, for instance.

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