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Tue Jul 30 21:27:02 2002

See http://eepatents.com/privaria/worksheet.pdf for a random password selection system that, IMHO, is far easier to use than diceware. (That's why I thought it up...)

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Subject: Diceware

Thanks for the recommendation of Diceware.  It's a very neat system.
I'll use it.

The website recommends using dice instead of a computer program unless
you know what you're doing.  I think I know what I'm doing (and I don't have
the patience for generating several passwords using dice).

On a Linux box, I am using /dev/random as a source of random bits, which
I turn into digits with Perl's unpack().  I chop off all digits outside
the range [1-6] and use those to get the words.

Can anyone detect any error here?