diceware alernative

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Tue Jul 30 23:52:01 2002

]Message: 2
]Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 12:28:29 -0700
]From: Ed Suominen <general@eepatents.com>
]To: gnupg-users@gnupg.org
]Subject: Re: Diceware]

]See http://eepatents.com/privaria/worksheet.pdf for a random password
selection system that,
]IMHO, is far easier to use than  diceware.

 may not be as easy to remember

your system is made up of two letter syllables out of a (13 consonant) X (5
vowel ) pool ;

so, 1:85 chance of picking a pair

a diceware word is 1:7776

a pair of syllables from your list would be 1:85^2 = 1:7225

so a 15 syllable combination from your list, would give the approximate
security of a 7 word diceware passphrase
{assuming paper clip randomization is about the same as random dice throws,
do not know about the entropy comparison}

15 syllables = 30 characters

7 diceware words @ about 4 or 5  letters per word, also about 30 characters