Making WinPT Part of GnuPG/Win Distro

Ed Suominen
Wed Jul 31 20:39:03 2002

I strongly agree with your idea #2. WinPT is a compact, easy to use, and 
very powerful tool. I'll take the proposal a step further: I believe 
WinPT deserves to be a part of an official, installation-based Windows 
distribution of GnuPG 1.0.7. (Of course, only supplementing the separate 
command-line binary-only distro of GnuPG.)

Timo is pretty modest in his version numbering -- I've distributed his 
version 0.5.12 with about 20,000 PRIVARIA downloads and have heard no 
issues coming back regarding it. (It is the default key generation UI 
for new PRIVARIA installations.) Timo has been talking about a version 
0.6 for a while now, which I think would be a good start for inclusion 
in the "official" GnuPG/Win 1.0.7 distribution. And yes, WinPT is fully 

As we've been saying in the U.S. a lot since last fall, "United We 
Stand..." :-)

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>Message: 2
>Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 11:28:12 +0200
>From: pplf <>
>CC: Werner Koch <>, Timo Schulz <>, 
>Subject: 3 big problems slowing GnuPG diffusion
>For info, there is a controversy (particularly in France and in the 
>pro-privacy non-governmental organizations) about the GnuPG strategy and 
>the lack of PGP alternatives in Windows for newbie computer end-users.
>I don't want to talk about the GnuPG team strategy, but I want to point 
>3 big problems slowing the GnuPG diffusion and which would be very easy 
>to fix for them :
>1) Rename the WinPT exe auto-installer "GPG for Windows" or "WinGPG"
>-> The people don't understand why there is GnuPG, WinPT, GPGshell (!), etc.
>2) Put the WinPT last stable version in the /win32 directory
>-> The people try to download the win32 binary on and only 
>find a command-line version, and they say :"GPG is an awful MS-DOS 
>program, etc."
>3) Delete all non-english pages (except german, I think) from 
> because there are outdated
>-> The "tag" at the bottom of the page (in english !) is not enough. In 
>the fren page, french people download a GnuPG 1.0.0 version and an alpha 
>win32 binary :-(