How to fetch all signing keys?

Leigh S. Jones
Sun Jun 2 04:14:01 2002

I have been down this road.

You fetch one layer and the next layer needs
to be fetched.  Before long you'd have been better
off downloading the complete keyserver contents
to your keyring right from the beginning.  Which, of 
course, is really quite practical.  But, it can be 
relatively painful when you discover how long
keyring operations take after the keyring has grown.
And, you don't have to download the complete
keyserver contents to run into this problem.  I
placed the most frequently used signing keys that 
are referenced in signatures that appear on this
forum into my keyring.  Now WinPT adds 4-6
minutes to my computer reboot time while it
caches keyrings at startup.

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Subject: How to fetch all signing keys?

> When I type "gpg -kvv" there are many signatures marked with "[User
> id not found]". How can I say GnuPG to try to fetch all these
> unknown keys from a keyserver (I've alreays set "keyserver" in the
> options file)? Do I need a script (where can I find one?) or can
> handle GnuPG this itself?
> Sebastian
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