using decrypt from shell script

David T-G
Sun Jun 2 19:42:04 2002

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Terry --

You should keep the list in the loop.  I know that *I* certainly don't
have all of the answers!

=2E..and then Terry Gehring said...
% Problem is I got Gnupg from and installed it on AIX v4.3.

That's nice.  What version, BTW?

% There doesn't seem to be any man page with that installation. Tried dumpi=

Well, phooey!  Tell the packager how much you like the help but that you
could really use some accessories instead of the base model :-)

% every piece of documentation I could find on the Gnupg web page and print=
ed the
% info from the gpg --help command and can find no referrence to --passphra=
% or command-fd.

When in doubt, go and get the source, even if all you're going to do is
read the doc contained therein.  I find it curious that --help only notes
the --status-fd option but the man page has more *-fd items.

Another thing that I had forgotten is storing the password in an
environment variable (I forget what it is).  Another bad idea, but
perhaps all that will work...


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