1.07 RSA support questions

Larry Ellis Larry_C_Ellis@hotmail.com
Mon Jun 3 17:32:02 2002

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From: "David Shaw" <dshaw@jabberwocky.com>
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Subject: Re: 1.07 RSA support questions

David Shaw wrote:
> > 1. When encrypting to a legacy RSA key, I get 3DES, not IDEA, as my
> > cipher choice even though the IDEA plugin is installed.  I have no
> > cipher override in the options file, though at one time I *did* have
> > 3DES there...  Of course, if --pgp2 is used, IDEA *is* used as
> > expected.  Perhaps I should place --pgp2 in my options file? Are there
> > any disadvantages to doing so?
> Yes, there are.  If "pgp2" is set in the options file, GnuPG disables
> certain options that you might want to use (like sign&encrypt in one
> step!)

Ok, then I'd best not put pgp2 in my options file.  This still leaves open
one question:  why would 3des be chosen as the default cipher for a legacy
RSA key?   1.06 used RSA/IDEA as I recall, while as opposed to 1.07's
RSA/3DES (at least this is happening for me).

Is this a change in behavior, or a possible bug?