To upgrade or not?

Larry Ellis
Mon Jun 3 20:09:01 2002

Well, though there are a number of nice new features in 1.07, my vote is
that the upgrade is not necessary *if* 1.06 is already doing everything you

You might want to review the documentation for what's changed.  Unless
there's something there you need, there seems no point in upgrading.  Others
may have a different vote....

I tried to build 1.07 on FreeBSD, and ran into some compatibility issues for
some prerequisites (libiconv).  Couldn't get them resolved without playing
around quite a bit, so I gave up on it.  So, upgrading might not be quite as
simple as you might imagine, unless you can find prebuilt binaries.

If you do install 1.07, I'd suggest you back up everything first, especially
your keyrings.  If you try to revert back to 1.06,  and you've done any
keyring maintenance, you may run into some backward compatibility problems.

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Subject: To upgrade or not?

> Hello GNU loving guys and gals!
> I have been using gpg 1.06 for a long time now (> a year) and have been
> very satisfied with it. I use it with gpa because I like the GUI.
> Mostly, I encrypt files that are stored on my hard drive. However, I do
> occasionally use gpg for email encryption with kmail and Evolution.
> Here's my question:
> Is it worthwhile to upgrade to 1.07? What would I gain, or perhaps loose
> by upgrading? I run RedHat Linux.
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> Thank you,
> Brad
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