1.07 RSA support questions (Larry Ellis)

David T-G davidtg-gnupg@justpickone.org
Mon Jun 3 20:36:01 2002

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Nick --

=2E..and then Nick Andriash said...
% Hello Larry Ellis,

And everyone else, too :-)

% In Reference to your Posting on Monday, June 03 2002 at 09:15 AM PDT:
% Message ID: <LAW2-OE19yocfru4dl100004e61@hotmail.com>
% > It's clear that changes within GPG are not geared towards improving the
% > ease of choosing RSA/IDEA.  That's fine; it's not a great choice for
% > new users.
% Why is choosing IDEA not a good idea for new Users?

If you are not tied into it, then it's better to not bother with it at

% > I know how to force the use of IDEA, if I foolishly choose to do so.
% Are you associating the foolishness with "forcing" the use of IDEA, or
% with using it period?

The latter; IDEA, in a delightfully appropriate punny way, is not free
even though ideas should be.

% --=20
% Nick Andriash
% Courtenay, B.C. Canada


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