can't connect to .../entropy

David T-G
Mon Jun 3 21:15:02 2002

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Leigh, et al --

=2E..and then Leigh S. Jones, KR6X said...
% can't connect to .../entropyIn this case `/users/dthorbur/.gnupg/entropy'=
 is the virtual device
% that gpg expects to find for use as a random number generator.  This

Hokay; that makes sense.

% is sometimes changed by compiling gpg again, this time with=20
% configuration changes that point to a different random number=20
% generator, or sometimes handled by putting a link at=20

Wherever I can find one :-)

% ~/.gnupg/entropy that points to an appropriate random number=20
% generator.  It should be pointed out here that the old style UNIX
% pseudorandom number generator that is tapped into by many C
% functions is not acceptable as an encryption entropy source. =20

Right; I remember that from long ago.

% On Linux systems there is a wonderful "/dev/random" virtual device
% that will be used by the default gpg setup, but it is not a part of=20
% Solaris.  Read up on "egd" at the site to find one possible
% solution to your entropy issues.

Ahhh...  So *that* is where to find it.  Hokay; thanks.

% Frankly, I've never actually gone the distance and built an entropy
% source for Solaris although I do have a need to do the task on both
% SunOS 4.1.4 and on Solaris 2.5 at some time in the future.  I've also

Feel free to beat me to it :-)

% built gpg 1.0.6 on HPUX 10.2.  Anything you experience in this
% endeavor I'd like to hear about because I'm planning to build 1.0.7
% for all these platforms in the future.  Using 1.0.6 I've never=20

I'll be happy to contribute what I can.  I don't have much time left
here, though (hey, if anyone needs a hot SysAdmin specializing in Solaris
and Linux with some HP and Other Stuff and even Win**, let me know! :-)

% encountered the error message you reported while signing.  Odd that
% you should in 1.0.7 by my way of thinking; signing shouldn't actually=20
% require entropy, only encryption and key creation...

Yeah...  When I first had the problem I just popped over to my real box
and made my work key there, since I'll need a copy of the key there
anyway.  I then exported the pub and pri keys, copied 'em over, and
imported them and I can --list-keys and --list-secret-keys just fine.
Then came trying to sign an email... :-(

Thanks & HAND

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