gpg 1.0.6 hangs in rxvt 2.7.2-10 on Windows 2000

Matt McClure
Mon Jun 3 22:42:02 2002

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Andy Freeman wrote:
 > It could be to do with the user context that your cygwin rxvt runs in.
 > I don't know what "cygwin rxvt" is,
 > but we had an identical (symptom-wise) problem
 > trying to run it from a web application.
 > It reads the HKEY_CURRENT_USER key,
 > which is inaccessible to the standard web user.
 > This is also the case for Services.
 > Assuming that cygwin is running in the web context or as a Service,

I'm just one user, logged in, using rxvt as a terminal, trying to run 
gpg from the bash prompt within the rxvt.  So unless there's some 
user-changing magic going on behind my back, I don't think this is the 

Can anyone else reproduce this?


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