Cannot encrypt/decrypt zip-Files correctly
Tue Jun 4 18:16:02 2002

Ive got a strange problem.  I try to encrypt a gz-file on my Linux Server
using GPG, and download the encrypted file, and decrypt it with WinPT on my
That`s what Ive tried in SHELL:

(17:23:59) [webseite] gpg -o out.txt -a -e --default-recipient akorthaus

in the same way I encrypted html-files which I could decrypt without any

Now I open out.txt and copied the code to my clipboard. After that I opened
WinPT and decrypted the code from clipboard, that worked correctly, but the
result was:


As I allready said - the same way worked with html Files!

What could be the problem, or how can I decrypt complete files using WinPT?