Cannot encrypt/decrypt zip-Files correctly (Andreas)

David T-G
Tue Jun 4 23:21:01 2002

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Steve, et al --

=2E..and then Steve Butler said...
% I missed the -a flag on the first read.  So, the encrypted file could be
% ftp'ed as ASCII as the -a does give the ASCII armoring.

It looks like a lot of us did :-)

% But, I can think of some reasons why that might be desirable (disregarding
% any side affects of attempting to compress an already compressed file).
% PS  None of the "desirable" reasons will hold water for a purist.

Oh, I can think of some that might be...  Since he's encrypting the file
on the system before transmission, we might safely assume that the file
lives on the system and only needs to be encrypted when sent over the
'net.  In that case, one would certainly want the file to take up as
little space as possible on the disk, or at least you would if you're
a pack rat like I am.  If you're worried about the extra time, you can
just add a "-z 0" flag and away you go without any waste.

While I can think of few reasons for compressing before encrypting as a
part of the process (maybe there isn't much disk space on the receiving
end, though), having a file already compressed makes sense in lots of
ways.  Opinions?


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