Cannot encrypt/decrypt zip-Files correctly (Andreas)
Wed Jun 5 03:27:02 2002


Does someone now, what I have to do, if my  pgp is run by the webserver and
has no home-directory, no keyrings, no keys, if I just want to get the
following script running:

% That creates the file 'data.gpg', which I can decrypt an my PC. On PHP
this should look something like this:
% <?
% system( "gzip -c file.htm | gpg -o
/path/to/file/data.gpg -e --default-recipient andreas");
% ?>
If I only compress a file with gzip, there is no problem, for example:

system( "gzip -c file.htm > file.sql");

this works, but pgp doesnīt and I donīt know why. The same code in SHELL
works perfectly ?!?!

David T-G said:
% ... you've neglected an important part: when the php script is run, it's
% run by the web server, and the web server is not you, and so gpg has no
% home directory, no keyrings, and no keys.

But how can I get this information into my code? Does someone know what to

--  Andreas