get 'real' gz-file when decrypting

Joseph Bruni
Wed Jun 5 11:50:25 2002

I'll leave your second question to others who know more about the key 
trust. I think it has to do with something about setting ultimate trust 
on your own key, but I'm not sure.

For the solution to your first question, are you ready for the ultimate 
forehead slapper?

mysqldump database | gzip | gpg --homedir /www/.gnupg -o
   output.gz.pgp -e --default-recipient andreas

On Tuesday, June 4, 2002, at 07:55 PM, <> wrote:

> 1. How can I encrypt the gzip contend that I get 'file.gz' and not just
> 'file' when I decrypt?
> mysqldump database | gzip | gpg --homedir /www/.gnupg -o
> output.pgp -e --default-recipient andreas
> what could I do? If I decrypt  the file 'output' is created, but I would
> like to have 'output.gz'