canī t uncompress files anymore?!

David T-G
Wed Jun 5 15:41:01 2002

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Andreas --

=2E..and then said...
% I=B4m so sorry ;-) I don=B4t even have to unzip the file, GPG does it whi=
% decrypting automatically....

Right.  If you want the received copy to be a gzipped file, then you'll
have to hand it gzipped to gpg, and then it would be good to use "-z 0"
in your gpg command to avoid attempting the work twice.  If you don't
need it gzipped locally (I thought that you said that you keep a month's
worth of these, so I imagine you would, but ...) then the current method
and compression by gzip is fine (AIUI it's better, actually, because gzip
not only compresses but also attempts to maximize the noise level in the
result because that then encrypts more safely).

% Erverything=B4s all right!

As long as you're happy :-)

% -- Andreas


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