RE: canīt uncompress files anymore?!

Steve Butler
Wed Jun 5 22:43:01 2002

When you decrypt it with gpg it will also decompress so it is no longer a gz

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Subject: canīt uncompress files anymore?!

It worked so fine, and I donīt know whatīIīve changed, theonly thing I
changed is the trust of the recipient. I can encrypt the file, and I can
decrypt it on my PC, size semms to be right, but I canīt unzip it anymore
'archiev either unknown format or damaged' command is the following:

mysqldump database | gpg --homedir /link/to/.gnupg -o
file.gz.gpg  -e --default-recipient andreas --yes

Why shouldnīt work this? If I try -a or leave out --yes  the result is the
same. Do you have an idea? It is so strange, because some hours ago it
worked perfectly! What could be a possible reason?

-- Andreas

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