Idea how to leave double-mails out?

David T-G
Wed Jun 5 22:54:01 2002

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Nick, et al --

=2E..and then Nick Andriash said...
% Hello David T-G,
% In Reference to your Posting on Wednesday, June 05 2002 at 10:20 AM PDT,
% > Agreed.  He's using Outhouse, though, and I don't think it knows about
% > the M-F-T: header or even how to create a custom header (though I could
% > certainly be wrong).
% The fact he uses Outlook, which by the way is a good PIM but lousy Mail
% Client, has nothing to do with it. The problem is the List Software, or

There's where we disagree.  I am firmly in the "don't muck with the
addressing" camp.  That's what M-F-T: is for.

Thanks & HAND

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