Idea how to leave double-mails out?

Anthony E. Greene
Thu Jun 6 04:56:02 2002

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On 05-Jun-2002/22:16 -0400, Jean-David Beyer <> wrote:
>I might even be willing to set the M-F-T header if I knew how to do
>it with Mozilla, but I do not. But this is, IIRC, the ONLY mailing
>list where I need do anything of the kind, unless gnucash does it. I
>post so rarely there that I do not remember.

You can set M-F-T on outgoing messages in mutt or (with difficulty) in
pine, but I don't know of any Windows mailers that could do it. I also do
not know if any Windows mailers will properly handle M-F-T on an incoming
message. This really looks like a "mutt vs the world" issue and mutt
doesn't even have the RFC on its side.

Mutt is a great mailer that does a lot of things correctly, but we have to
exchange mail with people using broken and limited mailers. In that
environment, advocating the use of a header that's not even part of the
spec just isn't realistic. Get M-F-T into RFC2822, then we'll have
something to discuss.

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