Web of trust

akorthaus@web.de akorthaus@web.de
Thu Jun 6 11:57:02 2002


% > happy to see a couple of resources posted; I'll read up on them myself.
% They look like they're potentially useful, especially in the very
% areas like Germany or US, and in the big cities.

In germany last year we had a new law, that a digital signature is worth
more than a normal signature by hand, in front of the law
(http://www.regtp.de/en/index.html  - click 'digital signature'!)! Also the
german 'Ministry of Economics and Technology' helps building gnupp
(http://www.gnupp.com/start.html, http://www.gnupg.de/ ). That should help
companies to use more digital documets in future, to have no disadvantage in
front of law anymore!
How is this in other countries?

-- Andreas