[WINPT USERS] Announcing PRIVARIA 0.9.8b (GPG-based secure networking)

Ed Suominen general@eepatents.com
Mon Jun 10 07:44:01 2002

I am cross-posting this message to the GnuPG and WinPT users' lists in
hopes that it is of interest to members of both. -Ed

Version 0.9.8b of the PRIVARIA Secure Networking Suite is now available at

This is a very significant release. Here are some highlights:
* You can use your existing GnuPG/WinPT installation and keys
* Install to the directory of your choice
* Reliability fixes to the FTP command core
* Uses a "safe" TCL interpreter for the Remote Command Shell by default,
with option to open it up for all functions (e.g., for telecommuter access)
* Many more bug fixes
* Some cosmetic improvements

I'm immensely gratified at the tremendous response to PRIVARIA. In the
first three weeks of its release, it has been downloaded over 12,000
(yes, twelve thousand!) times and has risen to the top 2% of projects on

Thanks again to Werner et al. for providing GPG, which provides the
authentication and secure symmetric key exchange foundation for
PRIVARIA. Looking forward to an official Win32 build of 1.0.7 to include
in my release 0.9.9.

P.S. - Anyone with TCL skills and CVS capabilities who is interested in
helping to port PRIVARIA to Linux, please contact me.

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