PGP-GPG Compatibility

Charly Avital
Tue Jun 11 20:20:02 2002

At 1:16 PM -0400 6/11/02, David Shaw wrote:
>This is not unusual.  Remember that the key preferences and expiration
>date are contained in the self-signature.  If the key owner changes
>their prefs or expiration date then a new self-signature will be

That's an interesting (for me at least) information.

If/when a new self-signature is issued, does it overwrite the "primary" or
"original" self-signature that was done as integral part of the key

I always believed that keyservers never delete or change anything in a key
attributes, they just add new data?

I have no idea whether the key owner changed anything to his key at any moment.

>> Therefore, GPG would be right when it says:
>> "gpg: signature packet without keyid"
>This error message is due to the X.509-ish signature on the key.  This
>is not part of OpenPGP, and is discarded by GnuPG.  The error can be
>safely ignored.

Noted. Thanks for the feedback.