PGP-GPG Compatibility

Juergen P. Sonsalla
Wed Jun 12 14:57:02 2002

Hello everybody,

due to the results of my questions yesterday, i did some additional tests with the same result:
A file, encrypted by PGP could not be decrypted by GPG. Maybe i did something wrong so i will describe the process a little more detailed:

First i generated a new Key with PGP (7.0.4). Key Properties:

ID: 0x60AA7092
Type: DH/DSS
Size: 2048/1024
Cipher: IDEA
Expires: Never

Then i encrypted a short text file with GPG (using the windows gui for this and every following step) and decrypted it. Up to here everything worked well.

Then i tried the other way, encrypting with PGP and selecting the public key of the new key pair as recipient. I didn't choose any of the options in the Key selection dialog (Text Output, Wipe Original aso) and encryption works. As a result i get the textfile.txt.pgp . Then i select the file manager from GPG Tray and open the encrypted file, shown status is ENCRYPTED.
Then i select the file in the window of the file manager and say decrypt. Now i get the result "encryption failed". Maybe it's useful for you to know that i use the precompiled binary version 1.0.6

Where is my mistake ?

Thanks a lot,

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