checking up on one's public key

David T-G
Thu Jun 13 14:38:02 2002

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Hi, all --

When discussing key sharing and keyservers with someone off-list I
demonstrated a lookup by searching for my own key.  I wasn't surprised to
find it or some of the sigs on it, but I *was* surprised to see what had
been added.  It never occurred to me that someone would sign my key and
not drop me a note, but there they were!

Do you folks routinely check your public keys out on the servers to see
if you should pull down the updated copy so that the next time you give
it out it goes with all of the sigs, or once it's up there do you just
ignore it and refer everyone to the keyservers anyway?  I'm thinking in
particular about the copy on my web page for folks who want to get it
directly from me; it would make sense to keep that updated, no?  Is there
any "conventional wisdom" or "best practice" on this?


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