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David T-G
Thu Jun 13 15:19:02 2002

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Sebastian, et al --

=2E..and then Sebastian Wiesinger said...
% * David T-G <> [2002-06-13 14:37]:
% > read ALL of the changes and docs that come with the new version.  Trust
% > me, I speak from experience.
% I'm using the gnupg package provided by Debian. Could someone
% *please* tell me where I should look for changes like that? (And no,
% reading changelog.gz is not a solution.)

I don't know the answer to your question, but a bit of checking in the
source dir (what I have; I don't speak debian) shows that:

  - 1.0.6 is first mentioned on line 178 of ChangeLog, so you should
    have less than 200 lines of changes to read, and many of those
    timestamps, since your last version was rolled out; that doesn't
    sound too bad

  - the README file appears to contain purely installation-related info,
    so you can skip it; it took thirty seconds to determine that

  - 1.0.6 is first mentioned on line 112 of NEWS, so there's another
    hundred lines or so of pretty easy reading, though keyserver-options
    isn't mentioned in there, either

  - of course, there's the good old man page, which everyone should read

If you want a list of "106 -> 107 gotchas", like

  - back up your keyrings first; it's extremely difficult to go backwards
  - add "keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve" to your options file
  - edit your keys to set the trust level
  - remake your key cache to speed up keyring searches

then I don't know where to find one; perhaps someone should whip up a
web page to host it.

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