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Michael Anckaert
Fri Jun 14 11:24:07 2002

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On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 10:00:15AM +0200, wrote:
> hello there,
> i'm sorry for my stupid questions at first, i'm quite new rabbit. i
> understand how it works, but i've got small problem.
> I'd like to build a smal GUI for gnupg. i need to create a new id for
> exmple. the question is if it is possible to do it using
> single command. something like:
> gpg --gen-key -user usama -ksize 1024  ....... blabla
> i'd like to do it in this way, that user fills text fields in some window
> and id is created after some button click.
> the same procedure for edit id. or is there some other way how to do it?
> i've no experience but i'd like to learn it.

Have a look at gpgme, you can find it on
gpgme is a library that you can use to access gpg functionality in
your program. Maybe that can help you a bit.

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