How do I supply a password and decrypt on NT

David T-G
Mon Jun 17 20:24:02 2002

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Samuel, et al --

=2E..and then Clough, Samuel said...
% I'm running gnupg on NT (not by choice).  Anyway, I need to be able to
% automate encryption and decryption.  What should I use to do this and is =
% possible?
% I need something automated so I'm basically hacking my way to a com

It seems to me that something that is expected to do automated decryption
should also be expected to not be of the utmost security.  If that
follows, then you should be able to have a null-passphrase key and just
do the decryption on the [embedded] command line and have fun.  All of
that seems much safer than putting a passphrase into a file on the system.

Hmmm...  If you were planning to take the passphrase as input in your
application and then use it for decryption that might make some sense,
and thus you are back at your original problem.  That doesn't sound
"automated" to me, though, so maybe we're still safe.


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