problems w/ revoked signatures and keyservers

Christoph Hertel
Wed Jun 19 19:48:02 2002


I had to revoke a self-signature on a UID (i.e. revoke the UID), and
added a new UID to my key, because I lost my old e-mail account and it
is probably that it will be reissued to somebody else.

Everything went fine. My GnuPG tells me beautifull things about my key
and I can't imagine living in a better world. However, when I try to
submit my key to a keyserver, therefore updating it, the keyservers (I
tried a lot) respond that there were no differences found (no new parts)
in the submitted key.

Is this a common problem with keyservers, is this a common problem with
users? Can somebody give me a hint what to do now? I don't want to
revoke the whole key, but at the moment, that seems to be the only
option to revoke the UID.

Thanks for your thoughts