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David T-G
Thu Jun 20 15:15:01 2002

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Samuel --

=2E..and then Clough, Samuel said...
% I'm using 1.0.6-2 on NT.
% I was trying to encrypt a file and using the --recipient option and I hav=
e a
% two name id like Bob Smith.  Per the man page, I can enter =3DBob Smith b=
ut it
% did not work.  I tried "Bob Smith" and it appeared to work.  Am I missing
% something or is this a Windows feature?

It's because spaces make things really ugly.  I don't know how the regexp
engine in gpg works, but you might try =3DBob.Smith to turn the space into
a dot and thus not break the two halves into two arguments.  If that
doesn't work you can try escaping the space as =3DBob\ Smith but cmd.exe
might not handle that gracefully.

This behavior isn't limited to Windows, but the problem is more common
there because the GUI shields you from all of the pain and agony of using
spaces, which most *NIX people already recognize as a Very Bad Thing.
Under the covers Explorer has to wrap everything in quotes anyway, and if
quotes are otherwise required then it has to use the silly progra~1 short
name format.


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