Suppressing passphrase prompt

David T-G
Sat Jun 22 05:15:02 2002

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Steven, et al --

=2E..and then Steven Handleman said...
% Hi All,


% I am a new user to GPG and I am hoping that someone on this list can=20
% provide an easy answer to this.  When I try to sign & encrypt a file (--s=
ign --
% encrypt --armor), gpg prompts me for a passphrase for my secret key.  Is=
% there any way to suppress this prompt?  I need to suppress it because the=
% encryption is going to become part of an automated batch file.

If you don't have to sign then you won't need any input; encryption alone
doesn't require a passphrase.

If you do have to sign, it seems to me at least as secure to use a key
with no passphrase as it does to put your passphrase in code somewhere
(which sounds horribly insecure, with nowhere to go but up), so null it
out (perhaps make a new key specifically for this purpose) and sign away.

Hey, you experts on the list -- am I the only one who is astonished and
appalled at people putting their passphrases in code somewhere?  Am I
wrong and hard-coding is somehow safer than a guarded key?

% TIA,
% Steven Handleman
% IT Manager
% Geewax, Terker and Co.


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