1 more week till gnupg 1.07 2 month anniversary

Gordon Worley redbird@rbisland.cx
Sun Jun 23 07:40:01 2002

On Saturday, June 22, 2002, at 03:50  PM, Rich wrote:

> On Sat, 22 Jun 2002 15:32:43 -0400 the voices in my head told
> me that Peter Constantinidis <peter@constantinidis.ca> said:
>> Still no 'official' win32 release.
>> I propose June 30th as an excellent time to do so. Thus showcasing the
>> portability of the code that allows for rapid transfer to other 
>> operating
>> systems.
>   I agree completely.  This delay has caused many users to move
> away from the official release to some others.  Maybe not a bad
> thing, but I would still rather see a W32 release around the same
> time as a *nix release.

I fail to see what `official' binary releases add.  I'd much rather see 
the GnuPG team spend time working on GnuPG than releasing binaries for 
any and all systems.  If someone else is willing to take over releasing 
Windows binaries from Werner et al., I think that it's a good move.  
Besides, I have no idea how much the GnuPG team knows about Windows, but 
you're probably better off having someone who knows Windows really well 
releasing a binary/installer than someone in the GnuPG team.

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