problems with sec-key

Peter T. Abplanalp
Mon Jun 24 16:22:02 2002

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On Mon, Jun 24, 2002 at 01:10:14PM +0200, M.- A. Derix [ Xsite GmbH ] wrote:
> Hello,


> My question is: How can I tell gnupg or is there an option where I can
> define a default keyring.

from man gpg:

       --default-key name
                 Use name as default user ID for signatures.   If
                 this  is  not  used  the  default user ID is the
                 first user ID found in the secret keyring.

       --default-recipient name
                 Use name as default recipient if option --recip-
                 ient  is  not  used  and  don't ask if this is a
                 valid one. name must be non-empty.

       --homedir directory
                 Set  the name of the home directory to directory
                 If this  option  is  not  used  it  defaults  to
                 "~/.gnupg".  It  does not make sense to use this
                 in a options file. This also overrides the envi-
                 ronment variable "GNUPGHOME".

there are also a number of other default-* options.  if you search the
archives for php, i'm sure you will find copious messages on this very
topic.  perhaps you should try that first.

> Thanks in advance


Peter Abplanalp


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