Charly Avital
Tue Jun 25 19:04:02 2002

On 6/25/02 6:46 PM, "Marcus" <> wrote:

> hello,
> please can you tell me, where i can get  any gnupg client , which
> works together with os x and eudora.
> thanks for your help
> marcus

I have Mac GPG 1.0.7, Eudora 5.1.1, and four AppleScripts that provide a
good working interaction.

You can download the AppleScripts at:
&templatefn=FileSharing2.html>. This is an iDisk hosted address.

The scripts come without an installer, so you have to install them manually
in Eudora's Scripts Folder.
In order to work, the Scripts need the system osax Scripting Addition to be
installed, manually also (this might require to chmod temporarily the
directory) <>. May I recommend to install
*only* that Scripting Addition. The ReadMe and Notes files which are
included in the distribution are mostly in Japanese. After installing the
osax, you need to restart the computer.

Please feel free to contact me OFF LIST if necessary.