Key is marked INSECURE!

Porus Lakdawala
Wed Jun 26 01:04:01 2002

I just started working with GnuPG. Everything works fine. Its just that the
keys I generate are marked INSECURE! 

porus 508% gpg --list-keys
pub  1024D/FF441205 2002-06-20 Porus Lakdawala (GPG Key) <>
sub  1024g/E71F077E 2002-06-20

I ploughed through the guide, the man pages and the FAQ, but could not find
it mentioned anywhere.
What is the reason for this?

Would really appreciate any pointers on this.

I am working with v 1.0.7 if that is of any relevance.

Thanks a ton in advance.

Porus Lakdawala