bad passphrase error passing it into GPG on Windows 98 using stdin

Clough, Samuel
Wed Jun 26 21:33:01 2002

My Isn't this popular lately !  I have had the same issue.
I had tried a similar version of what you are doing using pipes and could
not get it to work.
One not so great work around is to write the password to a temporary file,
and then do the following:

c:\gnupg\gpg --passphrase-fd 0 -o outputfile.exe --decrypt c:\decrypted.txt
< passwordfile.txt

That works with a create process api, but will probably give you errors with
pipes.  Try it though and see.  It has trouble with the redirect.
The code above is the best way I know to do it without C code.

I used the above code with the createprocess api and rolled all that into a
com component and I just reference the dll.  It always checks for an output
file to make sure it actually worked.