bad passphrase error passing it into GPG on Windows 98 using stdin

Clough, Samuel
Wed Jun 26 23:12:01 2002

I agree with what you are saying.  However, all I know is that on Windows
NT, this is the only way I could get it to work with --passphrase-fd 0.  I
would have preferred to use a proper file handle, but not having C available
at work and not being a C programmer, I could never find an api that VB
could use to get the proper system level file handle, so I had to resort to
fd 0, and I tried piping and redirecting the password but for some reason
the command line only interpreted redirecting the file correctly.  If
someone has found a way to pipe the actual password to fd 0 on the command
line in Windows, I would love to know how because I would obviously rather
do that than write a temp file just to use for the password and then destroy
There is an example in the archives of "password | gpg --passphrase-fd 0
etc....".  Maybe this works in Dos proper or on other Windows versions but
it does not work on NT.

> This is the wrong way to use --passphrase-fd.  Even
> if you're using Linux, the option:
> --passphrase-fd 0
> tells gpg that the actual passphrase will be passed into
> the gpg program through a pipe to port zero; here
> "passwordfile.txt" would have to be the actual passphrase
> rather than the name of the file containing the passphrase.