bad passphrase error passing it into GPG on Windows 98 using stdin

Josh Huber
Wed Jun 26 23:37:01 2002

(hopefully this won't show up twice -- I accidentally sent the
previous one from the wrong address and it's being held for moderator

"Leigh S. Jones, KR6X" <> writes:

> --passphrase-fd 0
> tells gpg that the actual passphrase will be passed into the gpg
> program through a pipe to port zero; here "passwordfile.txt" would
> have to be the actual passphrase rather than the name of the file
> containing the passphrase.

Um, no.

Read up on the "<" operator.  Here's the information from the bash man

   Redirecting Input
       Redirection of input causes the file whose name results from
       the expansion of word to be opened for reading on file
       descriptor n, or the standard input (file descriptor 0) if n is
       not specified.

       The general format for redirecting input is:



Josh Huber