GPG Decrypt via PHP

Clough, Samuel
Thu Jun 27 17:04:02 2002

You might could try the option that works in Windows (although it is =
very secure) of putting the password in a file and then using that file =
c:\gnupg\gpg -o outputfile.txt --passphrase-fd 0 --decrypt somefile.txt =
I would try that with PHP's option that lets you shell out, but I =
make promises on Windows.  While I do develop on php, I use Linux and =
not had to shell out.

> Hi List,
> I try to decrypt gpg files on W2K with PHP dynamicly. What I need is =
> command that includes all infomation for the decryption incl. the
> passphrase. I=B4ve seen same parameter like --passphrase-fd, but I =
don=B4t now
> how I can use these.
> I hope anyboby can help me