add to secret-keyring { gpg}

Jomy Vellian
Fri Jun 28 01:24:02 2002


	Let me make little more clear.
	I am able to add key to --list-key ring. (1)
	Please tell me what command to add the key to secret key ring (2)
	I am using 1.0.6 version on solaris 8.

(1)vftp:/usr/local/bin 55% gpg --list-key



pub  1024D/FE1EBB46 2002-06-25 (national1)

sub  2048g/5EB97BC0 2002-06-25


pub  1024D/A527A258 2002-06-03

sub  2048g/458DC124 2002-06-03

(2) vftp:/usr/local/bin 58% gpg --list-secret-keys



sec  1024D/FE1EBB46 2002-06-25 (national1)

ssb  2048g/5EB97BC0 2002-06-25



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Subject: Re: add to secret-keyring { gpg} (Jomy Vellian)

You add the secret keyring for a single invocation of gpg.

Next time you invoke gpg, the secret keyring has not been added
to your original keyring.

To combine secret keyrings, export one keyring and import it to
your other.

The message means that you didn't tell gpg what to do, and it's
the same message you get when you type:

> gpg

The program is waiting for you to provide it with text to encrypt
or decrypt on stdin.
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Subject: add to secret-keyring { gpg}

> Hi,
> In man pages, if you want to add a new key to secret-keyring
> --secret-keyring             add this secret keyring to the list 
> but when I tried to add to secret-keyring I am getting the 
> below messages...  My be I am using the WRONG format
> Please correct
> vftp:/usr/local/bin 19% gpg --secret-keyring key.file 
> gpg: Go ahead and type your message ...               
> thanks,
> jomy..
> Jomy Vellian
> IT Department

Jomy Vellian
IT Department