GPG 1.0.7 on Windows?

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X
Wed May 1 01:44:01 2002

Someone has already posted information regarding the availability
of a gpg 1.0.7 implementation for Windows on the list today.  I
checked it out, and have tested the binary, including many of the 
new key management features.  The resultant encrypted messages
and signatures were successfully decrypted with gpg 1.0.6 and with
PGP, so I've got a pretty good level of assurance that the
people haven't rewritten the software.  I didn't execute their install
program (my reason for not doing this is basically one of security --
it avoids the possibility that the install program installs a virus or 
other undesirable feature to my computer.  I would have had to 
create a directory "c:\lib\gnupg" for installation of the "idea.dll", etc.,
extensions if I were installing it at home and wanted to load these
features through entries in the options file.  So I effectively could
not test the idea, tiger, etc. stuff, which is a very nice PGP 
compatibility feature in the's distribution.  I simply put the
gpg.exe and gpgv.exe files into my directories where the originals

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Subject: GPG 1.0.7 on Windows?

> Folks,
> Any idea when the Windows binary distribution of GPG 1.0.7 will be 
> available?
> Thanks
> Charath
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