gpg - 107

Keith Ray
Thu May 2 05:34:01 2002

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Quoting "Leigh S. Jones, KR6X" <>:

> I'm not sure yet, but I may be seeing a slight problem with the gpg/mingw32
> implementation from  I take it to be that some of the file
> operations within gpg are built to use the unix standard forward slash
> where the MS backslash is required.  Thus far it has only appeared as a 
> problem at times when other errors are being reported, such as:
> "
> ...
> gpg: unable to read external program response: No error
> gpg: Warning: unable to remove tempfile (out)
> "d:\TEMP/gpg-4C3F2/dataout.txt":
> No such file or directory
> ...
> "

GnuPG has always used the unix forward slash, even in the Mingw32
release.  If you look at the README.W32 under "Installation
instructions", it says, "Please use forward slashes and not the
backslashes when setting filenames for GnuPG into the Registry."

I compiled the binary using the latest Mingw32/CPD from CVS with the
official source code.  I also included Disastry's patch to allow GnuPG
to generate v3 RSA keys.  Other than that, the binary should be
IDENTICAL to Warner Koch's official binary.

If you find a bug, I will be happy to apply a patch and release a fixed
version.  Also, if anyone would like features supported that are not in
the "official" release (ie. RSA v3 Key Generation), e-mail me.   My goal
is to create a Win32 release that gives Windows users maximum
flexibility with GnuPG.

  -- Keith