gpg - 107

Werner Koch
Thu May 2 09:31:01 2002

On Wed,  1 May 2002 22:34:23 -0500, Keith Ray said:

> GnuPG has always used the unix forward slash, even in the Mingw32

Which is a documented feature for all Win32 APIs.  A forward slash has
ever been allowed by the API since MSDOS 2.01.

> official source code.  I also included Disastry's patch to allow GnuPG
> to generate v3 RSA keys.  Other than that, the binary should be

Just for the records, creating v3 keys is a bad idea in general due to
some flaws in the format.  Given that the expiration time of key
signatures is now by default taken from the keys expiration time there
should be nothing to complain about the v4 format anymore.