Win32 version of 1.07

Sat May 4 01:50:01 2002

On Fri, 03 May 2002 16:35:47 -0700 the voices in my head told
me that Hideki Saito <> said:

>>  Isn't compiling a Win32 version simply a command line switch?
>> Why does it take so long to get the official version of
>>GnuPG out?  I would think releasing it the same day as the linux
>>version would be no difficulty at all.
>It takes a little more than flipping command line switch. It 
>actually requires different set of compilers (cross compilers), libs, 

  Which I assume someone on the gnupg team, has?

>I can say that, simply because *I* am doing it, too.

  Excellent.    :-)

>> Especially considering the problems that PGP is experiencing, and
>>that frankly, there are more (potential) Win32 users out there
>>than any other OS.
>> GnuPG is one of the success stories that would do well to show
>>people on "the other side" the advantage of free software.
>I completely agree on that. But sometimes it takes time...




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