Win32 version of 1.07

Werner Koch
Sat May 4 16:03:01 2002

On Fri, 03 May 2002 17:12:01 -0400, Rich  said:

>  Why does it take so long to get the official version of
> GnuPG out?  I would think releasing it the same day as the linux
> version would be no difficulty at all.

We did a lot of changes to the code and knowing the often very brief
bug reports by Windows users, I decided that we better release the
Unix version first, fix some bugs and then release a (binary) Windows

> that frankly, there are more (potential) Win32 users out there
> than any other OS.

The snapshot releases we did over the last months didn't got as much
attention as a real release and thus I am pretty sure that a couple of
bugs a lurking in the code.  It will be easier for everone if those
bugs get fixed before a binary release; otherwise we might drown in
Windows bug reports.