batch encrypting customer orders on remote secure server?

Anthony E. Greene
Sat May 4 21:48:01 2002

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On 04-May-2002/12:30 -0400, "L. Weber" <> wrote:
>I am new to the world of encryption, so please bear with me.
>I would like to know if it's possible for me to use GPG to batch
>encrypt my customers' orders and credit card numbers on a remote
>third-party-hosted secure server.

That has been asked often enough that you should be able to find answers
and scripts in the list archives.

>uses CGIWrap which creates some restrictions for .cgis when using
>SSL.  For example, I can't use a .cgi to send an e-mail when SSL is
>being used.

This may be a problem. Try several methods: open a pipe to sendmail, open
a pipe to mail, use the Net::SMTP module.

>The encryption key would need to be located on the remote server
>and I know the passphrase will need to be eliminated,

You don't have to use a secret key on the server unless you plan on having
it sign the messages. If all it's doing is encrypting, then all it needs
is the public key part of the keypair you created just for this

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