Automatic resyncing of keys?

David Shaw
Sun May 5 03:59:02 2002

On Sat, May 04, 2002 at 06:56:32PM -0700, Leigh S. Jones wrote:
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> From: "David Shaw": Of course, there is only one
> LDAP keyserver left for public use.
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> There are probably a whole lot of LDAP servers you
> don't know about.  PGP produced a keyserver 
> (software) for Windows that was free for non-
> commercial use.  It gets the job done nicely, 
> although a full replication of the world database
> would probably occupy a few GB on a hard disk.
> Many of these were synchronized with the PGP, Inc.
> database, although they were also usable for sharing
> public keys on a much smaller scale, such as keys
> used for securing intra-family e-mail.  And, I'm sure
> that some companies also used the PGP ldap server
> software for storage of company keys -- although I
> doubt that they had a realistic business plan for the
> sales of this product. 

"... for public use."

I'm sure there are dozens that aren't available for public use.


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