Moving gnupg to another PC: more strangeness

Nic Ferrier
Sun May 5 11:29:02 2002

See the other thread (from yesterday). 

What I'm trying to do is move my GPG setup to a new machine. Simply
copying the directory doesn't seem to work (and yes, I set the rights

I wondered what would be a good way to test this, so I NFS mounted my
old-machine GPG set up to my new machine.

  old-machine$ gpg --list-keys

pub  xxxx/XXXXXXXX 2002-02-16 Nic Ferrier ....
sub  wwww/WWWWWWWW 2002-02-16

  new-machine$ gpg --list-keys

pub  yyyy/YYYYYYYY 2002-02-16 Nic Ferrier ....
sub  zzzz/ZZZZZZZZ 2002-02-16

This seems pretty strange to me, I'm using exactly the same data, but
with two different GPG executables on two different machines and they
report different numbers.

I am very confused. Someone please help.