batch encrypting customer orders on remote secure server?

Sun May 5 16:31:01 2002

> Encryption does not require a passphrase. Decription requires
> a passphrase.  It's easy to encrypt by batching.  I'm assuming
> your remote host will be appropriate for gpg (perhaps a Linux
> machine?) and there is no objection to you running executables
> on your directory.

I'm glad to hear that.  Yes, I can run executables. And, yes, it's

> A number of your questions should be directed to
> the individual or company that manages the host machine.
> You'll need to talk to them about how to make and install
> gpg on your web site.

Actually, they were the ones who asked _me_ whether they would
need to install anything as 'root'.  That's why I wanted to know
if GPG could be installed by me in my own little section of the
server to work.  My other concern is being able to use the
capabilities of dev/random.

Also, do I need to compile GPG on the remote Linux machine or
can I compile it on a local Linux machine and just upload the
necessary files to the remote one?

> That has been asked often enough that you should be able to find
> answers and scripts in the list archives.

I am looking through the archives as well.  But it seems that there
have been significant changes in GPG and I wanted to be sure I could
do what I want with the latest version (1.0.7).