Moving gnupg to another PC: more strangeness

Nic Ferrier
Mon May 6 01:35:01 2002

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> On Sunday 05 May 2002 11:30, Nic Ferrier wrote: 
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> > What I'm trying to do is move my GPG setup to a new machine. Simply 
> > copying the directory doesn't seem to work (and yes, I set the rights 
> > properly). 
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> Marc Mutz <> said:  
> md5sum .gnupg/* 
> on both machines? 

Exactly the same. This is the *same* directory remember, the files
don't change between machines. 

My new machine is mounting the old machine's .gnupg via NFS.

The two machines are of different architectures: one's a powerpc
linux box and the other is an i386 linux box.

Would that make a difference?